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Festal menaion

Egypt, Sinai, Mt., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sin.Slav.25 (25)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 261 ff. In 1 column, 27 lines per page.



Contains many Old and Middle Bulgarian works: part of the Cycle of pre-feastal hymns for Nativity of Christ, the Cycle of the alphabethical stichera before the Nativity of Christ, The Kanon for Alexios the Man of God by St. Kliment of Okhrid, Services for St. John of Rila, for St. Paraskeve (Petka) ot Tărnovo, for Michael the Warrior, etc.


14th c. Crete. Розов 1961: 135; Иванова 1973; Попов 1982; Savova 2003; Савова 2006.