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Egypt, Sinai, Mt., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sin.Slav.19 (19)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 217 ff. In 1 column, 27 lines to page.



The scribal note (see Иванов 1970: 274-275) gives an account on the translation work of scribe's teacher Ioan from the Athonite Great Laura. Among the translated books were: Tetraevangelion, Apostolos, Liturgies, Typica, Psalter, Menaion, Climax, St. John the Theologian works, works of Isaak the Syrian, Patericon, Octoechos, etc. (See Сырку 1899: 456-457. Попов 1978).


14th c. Сырку 1899: 456-457; Розов 1961: 134-135; Иванов 1970: 274-275; Попов 1978.