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Tetraevangelion. Codex zographensis

Russia, Sankt Petersburg, Russian National Library, Glag. 1 (15)

Physical description

Material: Parchment. Extent: 272 ff.



10th c., middle. In the late 11th - early 12th c. the Gospel of Matthew was supplemented with a quire written in Glagolitic script over an earlier Glagolitic gospel text, the so-called Zographou palimpsest. In the very end of the codex there is a 13th-c. Cyrillic synaxarion (church calendar) of 16 folia. The MS was found in Zographou Monastery. In 1860 the Zographou brotherhood donated the codex to the Russian emperor Alexander II (1855-1881). Григорович 1877; Срезневский 1852; Срезневский 1855-1856; Срезневский 1863; Jagic 1879; Гранстрем 1953; Добрев 1971; Добрев 1985; Куев 1986.