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Tetraevangelion. Tetraevangelion of Dobromir

Egypt, Sinai, Mt., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sin.Slav.7/N (7/N)

Physical description

Material: Parchment. Extent: 9 ff. This fragment is part of the so-called Dobromir Gospel, now in Sankt Petersburg, Russian National Library, Q.p.I 55 (183 ff.). Other fragments are kept in the Old Collection at the Monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Sinai (MS 43, 23 ff.) and The National Library in Paris (Slav.65, 2 ff.).In 1 column, 20 lines per page.



Contains Matthew 21:24-24:3; 27:48-64.


12th c., beginning. Altbauer 1973; Велчева 1975; Станчев 1981; Угринова-Скалевска и Десподова 1992; Старобългарска литература 2003: 142-143.