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Egypt, Sinai, Mt., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sin.Slav.6/N (6/N)

Physical description

Material: Parchment. Extent: 17 ff. The MS is part of the MS 6 (6/O) of the Old collection of the monastery. Contains two unnumbered and separate gatherings and one extra folio in the beginning of the first gathering. The first gathering (f. 1-9) immediately proceeds the corpus of 6/O; the second one (f. 10-17) carries on from the main MS corpus filling up the gap between f. 125 and 126. In 1 column, 20-21 lines per page.Red double lined initials with spiral braided ornaments in the beginning of each Psalm and each Canticle.


Summary: The two gatherings are written by two different scribes, identified as Scribe A (f. 1-9) and Scribe C (f. 10-17) from the old MS part (see Altbauer-Lunt 1978).


Contains Ps.9 - Ps. 17:34 and the Canticles.


11th c., end - 12th c. beginning. Altbauer-Lunt 1978.