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Missal. Sinai missal

Egypt, Sinai, Mt., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sin.Slav.5/N (5/N)

Physical description

Material: Parchment. Extent: ca. 80 ff. The MS is in a bad condition and hardly legible due to the effects of dapm. The first 12 and the last 10 folia are completely destroyed.In 1 column, 24-25 lines per page.The MS must have been richly decorated with miniatures, some of which are still visible; it also has initials coloured in brown, blue and yellow.


Summary: Two anonymous scribes.


Contains some prayers from the Holy Liturgy; Prefatia to St. Andrew the Apostle, the Birth of St. John the Baptist, the Holy Martyrs, Easter Sunday, Pentecost, St. Gregory and prayers to the Holy Angels, to St. John the Baptist and for the Annunciation.


10th-11th c. KME 3: 615-616.