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Hexaemeron by St. Basil the Great. Hexaemeron of Vladislav the Grammarian (Predeli)

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastrery, 4/14 (13) (2)

Alternative identifier: Ukraine, Odesa, State Library, 112

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 560+77. Richly ornamented. Headpieces in Balkan style in blue, green, white and yellow, initials with floral and geometrical motifs. Ligaturschrift with geometrical and floral motifs is used for the titles.



Contains St. Basil the Great's Hexaemeron, commentaries by St. John Chrysostom, St. Gregory of Nyssa and excerpts from the Hexaemeron by Severian of Gavala. St. Basil's Hexaemeron is in it's so called new Serbian translation, made in the end of the 14th c. After the main part of the MS there are copied: the work of St. Gregory of Nyssa On the Making of Man and the Book of Jobe with the commentaries of Julian; Theophylact of Ohhris's commentaries on John, and st. John Chrysostom's commentaries on Matthew. Very peculiar feature of the MS are the commentaries by famous authors, added in the margins, together with marginal scholia by Vladislav the Grammarian himself.


1456. According to the colophone in the Odessa part of the MS, it was copies in Mlado Nagoričane (Former Yugoslavia), and was finished in 1456 г. The notes in the Rila part are of historiographic character. The whole miscellany was most probably composed by Vladislav the Grammarian in the Rila monastery. V. Grigorović took part of the MS and donated it to Odessa University in 1865. Христова 1996: 11-24.