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Paraenesis of Ephrem the Syrian. Rila Glagolitic folia

Russia, Sankt Petersburg, Russian National Library, 24.4.15 (25)

Alternative identifier: Russia, Sankt Petersburg, Russian National Library, 24.4.17 (44)

Alternative identifier: Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastrery, 3/6 (14) (2)

Physical description

Material: Parchment. In 2 columns.



Contains fragments of Ephrem the Syrian's Paraenesis in its oldest South Slavonic translation, as well as a parayer for rependance and confesion. Among the sermons of the Paraenesis, identified by I. Gošev, are: On the rependance; About destiny, love, and rependance; On the judgement, love, and dependance, About the regression to the pagan deeds; About the Holy Communion Bread and the Wine; On the Antichrist; About the love, baptism, confession, panegyrik of the Holy Cross and the Last judgement. See Gošev 1956. Some of the Rila fragments bear late inscriptions with nuema notation, accompanied by Cyrillic instructions, which are ascribed to Vladislav the Grammarian.


11th c. The fact that the Rila Glagolitic folia were found in a miscellany of the Rila Monastery library does not prove the hypothesis that they were written there. The fragnments were discovered by V. Grigorovich, K. Ireček and J. Ivanov. The greater Glagolitic part was found in the binding of Adrianti Miscellany of Vladislav the Grammarian. It is not known where Grigorovich found the first to leaves. Two folia were taken to Sankt Petersburg by Grigorovich and are now kept in the Russian National Library: MS 24.4.15, known as the Macedonian Glagolitic folio and MS 24.4.17, known as The Leaf of Grigorovich. The other 3 foia are kept in the Rila Monastery Library, MS 3/6. KME 3: 468-473.; Христова 1996: 62-63.