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Homilies by St. John Chrysostom, etc.. Andrianti

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastrery, 3/6 (14) (130)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 565 ff. The title lines are executed in colour (red and blue), the initials are of floral and geometrical type, and the headpieces are in interwaved style.



The title of the anthology (Кніига гл҃маа Адрїанты) refers to the mane corpus of St. John Chrysostom's homilies devoted to the campaign of emperor Theodosios the Great against the idol worship. After the “Andrianti” there could be find some more homilies: by John Chrysostom, Ephraem the Syrian, Anastasios II, patriarch of Antioch, etc. Vladislav the Grammarian interpolated into the MS for commentaries on Bible texts as homilies for the Great Lent.


1473. On f. 337v-338 Vladislav the Grammarian wrote an inscription of historiographic value. It says that the MS was copied in the Monastery of Žegligovo (Monte Negro) and that the translation of St. John Chrysostom's homilies was made by monk Antonios from the monastery of Vatopedi, who was a disciple of father Genadios. The copyist claimed that the translation was ordered by Basil, bishop of Studenica and archdiacon Nikita. Vladislav the Grammarian also mentioned some events that happened in the reign of Mehmed II Conqueror. The famous Rila glgolitic leaves were found in the binding of this very MS. Христова 1996: 49-63.