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Greece, Athos, Mt., Monastery of Zographou, Zographou II.d.8 (109)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 317 ff. In 1 column, 22 lines per page (the first scribe), 24 lines per page (the second scribe), and 26 lines per page (the third scribe).Headpieces and initials in Balkan style.


Summary: Three scribes. The two of them wrote the 16th-c. part of the MS, and the third one copied the 14th-c. texts.


Contains works of St. Kliment of Okhrid, John the Exarch, Patriarch Euthymios, Gregory Tsamblak and others.Kl. Ivanova suggests that the MS was copied from MS 300 from the National Library SS. Cyril and Methodios, Sofia (Иванова 1994).


16th c., beginning; 14th c., 3rd quarter. The 16th-c. part of the MS (ff. 1-286, 293-317) is created in Kratovo. Иванова 1994.