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Enkomions and vitae

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastrery, 2/23 (43) (213)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 574 ff. There are a coloured interlaced headpiece in Balkan style on f. 2. Titles are in Ligaturschrift of geometric type.

The MS was copied most probably by
  • Name: Vladislav the Grammarian. Script: Fine middle calligraphic semi-uncial.
  • Contents

    The MS contains lives by Simeon Metaphrastes, John of Jerusalem, homilies of John of Euboea, of pseudo-Amphilochios, etc. It also has plenty of scholia by Vladislav the Grammarian.


    15th c., 80's. The MS was most probably composed in Rila monastery. Христова 1996: 125-132.