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Menaion for October.

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastery, 2/16 (22) (183)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 231+ІІ. In 1 column, 25 lines per page.

Two anonymous scribes.
  • Script: Semi-uncial.
  • Contents

    Contains services for the whole month. There are no synaxarion lives. Includes: the earliest Service for St. Paraskeve (Petka) with some late additions (f. 88–104v, see Кожухаров 1971); the Service for St. John of Rila (19 October) in its 15th-c. Rila redaction could be found on f. 130v–147.


    15th c., 70's. Кожухаров 1971: 289-322.