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Menaion for August

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastery, 2/15 (41) (268)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: 200+І ff. The MS is well preserved.In 1 column, 28 lines per page.



Contains services for the whole month without synaxarian lives. The book includes the Service for St. Joakim of Osogovo (f. 93v-104v), late version of the Service for St Euthymios the Great by St. Kliment of Okhrid (known by a 13th-c. copy in MS 113 from the National Library in Sofia, see Иванов 1931 (1970): 404-405, the so-called Rila Service of St. John of Rila (ff. 113-128), closed to the copy in the Skopje minaion of 1451 (Church Historical and Archival Institute, Sofia, 489, Иванов 1931 (1970): 345-358).


16th c., beginning. Иванов 1931 (1970): 345-358, 404-405.