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Menaion for February

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila Monastery, 2/13 (13) (267)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: ХІІ+209 ff. The MS was used for a long time, but it is well preserved.In 1 column, 25 lines per page.

  • Script: Middle semi-uncial of low quality.
  • Contents

    Contains services for the whole month. The one for St. Simeon of Serbia, composed by Theodosios of Hilandar is on f. 116-126v. The 16th-c. addition in the beginning, which was taken from another MS, contains the Service for St. Geogre the Youngest of Sofia by priest Peyo (the authors name is preserved in an acrostic), and a synaxarian life of the martyr (Станимиров 1931–1932). This is the earliest copy of the the Service, which is wrongly dated to the 17th c. by Sprostranov (see also: Динеков 1939: 77-78, 110.)


    16th c., beginning. Станимиров 1931–1932; Динеков 1939: 77-78, 110.