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Festal menaion. Menaion of Dragan. Fragments of Grigorovich

Greece, Athos, Mt., Monastery of Zographou, Zographou I.e.9 (54)

Alternative identifier: Russia, Moscow, Russian State Library, Muz. 1725 (356)

Alternative identifier: Russia, Sankt Petersburg, Russian National Library, Q.p.I.40 (357)

Alternative identifier: Greece, Athos, Mt., Monastery of St. Panteleimon

Physical description

Material: Parchment. Extent: 219 ff. In 1 column, 39-40 lines per page.Headpieces and initials in teratological style.



The MS is of great importance for the medieval Slavic studies for it contains the services for St. John of Rila, St. Paraskeve (Petka) of Tărnovo, St. Tsar Peter, SS. Cyril and Methodios, St. Michael the Warrior in their early redactions. There are also some notated texts.The scribal note is to be found on f. 218v.


13th c. Three folia from the MS were taken by Porfirij Uspenskij during his stay at the Monastery of Zographou and carried to Russia. Nowadays they are kept in the Russian National Library, Sankt Petersburg (Q.p.I.40). Another fragment (6 ff.), containing the services of SS. Cyril and Methodios, is kept at the Russian Athonite monastery of St. Panteleimon. Иванов 1931 (1970): 359-367, 387-390, 424-431.