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Miscellany with kanons, services, and lives of St. John of Rila

Bulgaria, Rila, Rila monastery, 1/26 (79) (189)

Physical description

Material: Paper. Extent: II + 225 + III. In 1 column, 23 lines per page for the first scribe.In 1 column, 22 lines per page for the second scribe.Decorated in geometrical style.The late additions were made by Neophitos of Rila in the 18th c.



All the works in the MS are devoted to St. John of Rila: kanons for all the 8 modes; the so-called Narodno (Anonymous, Rila Monastery) life, The life by George Skilitsa, Service for 19 October, composed most probably in the 15th c. in Rila Monastery; The First (Tărnovo) prologue life both with the addition and without it (after the 6th canticle of the kanon); Service for 18 August and some other hymnographic materials.


15th c., last quarter. Неофит Рилски 1836: 2-17; Иванов 1931: 345-358; Иванов 1935-1936:1-109.