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Kanons and Kontakia

Egypt, Sinai, Mt., Monastery of St. Catherine, Sin.Slav.12/N (12/N)

Physical description

Material: Paper, bombycine. Extent: 61 ff. The beginning and some other folia of the MS are missing; the codex has two parts copied by one and the same scribe, which parts were bound together by the second scribe.In 1 column: 16-17 lines per page on ff. 1-52; 20-22 lines per page on ff. 54-61.


Summary: The Anonymous scribe wrote the two main parts of the MS, the second scribe, who filled in the gap between the two parts, might be identified with hieromonk Ioan or his collaborator Iakov (see Cernić 1982).


Contains Akathistos hymn to Theotokos, the Service for Holy Communion, and kontakia for the saints throughout the year, prokeimena for all the modes, heirmoi for the Canon for the second plagal mode.


13th-14th c. Cernić 1982.